Booking Conditions


We try to cover all the booking conditions concerning your tuition here. If you are unsure about any of the following or would like to chat further about any of the points please call us.


Full payment is due at time of booking. If you cancel within 4 - 8 weeks of arrival 25% of the lesson cost will be refunded. Cancellation within 4 weeks of arrival will not be refunded. Please ensure that you have insurance to cover cancellation.


On booking any tuition it is essential that you have adequate insurance cover. When booking any tuition / guiding other than beginner courses please make sure your insurance covers you for off piste skiing. Some insurance policies only cover off piste skiing whilst under the guidance of a mountain guide or qualified instructors. If you intend to ski off piste, please check that your insurance has appropriate cover.

Missed lessons

There are no refunds or make-up lessons if a client misses a tuition class. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances or conditions, which will force Freedom 2 Ski to postpone or cancel a session or sessions. In the event of postponement due to lift failure or weather we will endeavour to schedule make-up lessons; this cannot be guaranteed. Your insurance should cover missed tuition due to lift failure or weather. Your claim would be against the local lift company for lift failure. If we are forced to cancel due to staff sickness, we will endeavour to schedule make-up lessons or will refund tuition fees on a pro rata basis. TUITION does not include lift passes, ski equipment (apart from the listed off piste safety equipment provided for off piste sessions), clothing or lunch. Lessons are non transferable.


When you book tuition and make payment you will be entering into a contract with Freedom 2 Ski Ltd. The contract will exist from the moment Freedom 2 Ski Ltd receives any monies and is between Freedom 2 Ski Ltd and yourself, including all those you are paying monies on behalf of to reserve tuition.  The contract agrees to all the booking conditions described by Freedom 2 Ski Ltd. You will be required to complete a relevant booking form relating to your tuition, and indicate you agree to our booking terms conditions.


Your instructor will wait 30 minutes for all private tuition / guiding booked. Group lessons will leave on time so please make sure you are at the meeting point prior to the lesson start time. Please have your mobile phone with you should you need to inform your instructor you are running late or are lost. Your instructor will do his / her very best to help you.

Minimum Level

If your skiing level is well below the rest of the group and it is considered unsafe or detrimental to your performance to continue with the session, at that time your instructor will use his experience/knowledge to split the session into appropriate levels and run this giving tasks to those practising and focused input to those being taught. This will need to happen within the time constraints of the lessons booked. When booking the ‘level finder’ will help you decipher your ski level and will be discussed during correspondence at the time of booking.  Please be as accurate as you can be. For our Freedom Seekers / Riders and Teens children’s group lessons we reserve the right to increase a group lesson size to up to 8 children. We would only do this if we had to, to keep the group levels homogeneous, and to ultimately benefit each individual.

Your progress

It is important that if for one reason or another you feel you are not progressing as quickly as you would like, you tell your instructor immediately so that he / she is aware of this and can try to amend this. If at the end of your tuition and after having approached your instructor during the week you still feel disappointed, please write to Freedom 2 Ski Ltd detailing your concerns.


All children under 12 must wear helmets and it is recommended that children over 12 do so too.


With any sport there is an element of risk involved that participants accept as inherent to that sport. Risk is something that attracts many to the sport; others prefer to participate with minimum risk involved. We will ensure that the safety of the group is never compromised. However, accidents at times can and do happen. Anyone participating in skiing does so knowing the elements of risk involved.


We make decisions on the mountain based on our experience, the prevailing snow and weather conditions and the level, ability, fitness and emotions of each skier in the group. These decisions are in the best interest of the safety and well being of the group and individuals. We ask that you respect these decisions.


Occasionally due to extreme weather conditions it is possible that all ski lifts may close for safety reasons with no skiing available. We are not liable for these unforeseen circumstances. Freedom 2 Ski Ltd cannot be held responsible for adverse weather and ski lift delays.


Avoriaz has a good track record with snow, and the terrain is appropriate for the sessions we run. Occasionally the snow conditions may not be the best hoped for.  In these circumstances we will run sessions to the best of our ability with the prevailing conditions.

Video Feedback

Depending on the weather and on request we will use digital video to enhance your learning for any parallel level + skiers during private sessions.  This will need to be reviewed at the end of each session but during the session time allocated and can be invaluable to your development. 

Tuition Feedback

After your tuition we would be happy to receive any feedback.  Please feel free to write or email us: [email protected]


Our coaching is designed to be fun.  We aim to offer the highest quality ski coaching available to every standard of skier, to help you get more enjoyment and satisfaction from your skiing.

The following section refers to yourself and requires your agreement as per the booking form.


I, as the client am aware that skiing/snowboarding is a hazardous sport that includes certain risks and dangers, including the risk of serious injury. I, as the client accept full responsibility for the risks inherent in skiing/snowboarding and the ski area/mountain environment. I agree to RELEASE and INDEMNIFY ‘Freedom 2 Ski Ltd’ and its employees, agents, contractors, officers, and owners, from all claims for any injury or damage resulting from any cause, including negligence, which arises out of my participation.

If I am booking on behalf of other parties and minors, I recognise that I may not release any claims the minor may have. However, I accept full responsibility for all medical expenses incurred as a result of the minor’s participation. I also agree to RELEASE and INDEMNIFY ‘Freedom 2 Ski Ltd’ and its employees, agents, contractors, officers, and owners for any claims brought by or on behalf of the minor. This release is also binding as to any other persons, including family members, heirs and executors, but does not apply to gross negligence or intentional acts.


If you require any info or have enquiries of a more complex nature please do not hesitate to contact Pete Hughes (Director of Freedom 2 Ski Ltd) direct or call him on 0044 (0)7762 59 66 22.

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